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Children & Youth

We expect you have just been around something that was frightening or overwhelming to hear about or see. We are so glad you have found this page.

We want to help you know what are normal reactions to being terrified so that you don't think there is something wrong with you but know that as humans we often have surprising reactions where we don't feel fully in control. 

You may feel a whole load of emotions such as terror, fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, or grief.

You may find that you feel a strong urge to hide, to cry, to shout or make sure your loved ones are ok. 

You may find that you have tummy aches, or headaches, or feel dizzy or sleepy and lethargic.

You may be having nightmares or day time memories that come back suddenly of things you have seen or heard. 

You may feel that you don't want to remember the things you saw and heard about or you may only want to talk and think about it to try and make sense of it. 

What can you do?


See if you can find an adult to talk to - who doesn't try and fix things but listens and makes you feel supported and cared for. 


See if you can reflect on what makes you feel safe? What music or smell helps? What place is a good place to be where you feel more safe and comfy.


What can you do so your brain is less full of the pictures of stories you have heard? Maybe draw or write about them. Maybe make up a song? 

Books to help

Trauma is really strange

A terrible thing happened

Here are some helpful films

Triune Brain

How can you help us?

Don't Shame Us!

Do try and find an adult if you're worried or scared.

Be careful who you talk or listen to as it might confuse you. Sometimes the story can get muddled.

If you can't find an adult to help, here are some helpines:

To start a conversation, text the word 'SHOUT' to 85258

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