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Whether you are an experienced clinician, mentor or parent, the Trauma Recovery Focused Pathway provides expert training and resourcing to help you move towards Trauma Recovery regardless of where you start. Explore the pathway & join us!

Trauma Recovery Focused Pathway

Apply to the Certificate of Therapeutic Mentoring and receive world leading training on Trauma Recovery. How do you identify Trauma? What tools are available? How do you navigate Complex Trauma? Join the course that has been training & evolving for more than a decade.

Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring

Centres, Charities & Organisational Partners that are licensed and operate using the pioneering BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model. Looking for organisational training? Explore here.

BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model

join over 35,000 people who are committed to making a change - one recovery journey at a time

Complex Trauma Recovery Certificate

A course designed for qualified psychotherapists, counsellors,
psychologists or music and play therapists.

This course takes the professional through the 4 stages of the Trauma Recovery Focused Pathway before 3 days which explores the following:

  • Exploring self-harm & Assessment

  • Complex Trauma Recovery Stage 1: Attachment disorder and complex trauma

  • Complex Trauma Recovery stage 2: DID Mapping

Interested in applying, but want to know more?

Enquires & Applications:

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