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BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model

Four stage Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathway

The BdT trauma recovery focused model can be adopted by charities, organisations and schools that are seeking a fully trauma informed, trauma sensitive and trauma recovery focused culture and approach for their work. 

There are three levels of commitment to the model.

The Entry level

The entry level is a whole staff training in a basic understanding of trauma, trauma recovery and a trauma informed language. This is a one day course, accessible for all adults.

Practical application of the four stage training model 

All practitioners working with children, young people and families immerse themselves in the stages 1-4 pathway. All support staff take place in stage 1 training. Professionals working with complex trauma continue their learning in additional complex trauma days available. 

Partnership with BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model is a commitment to:

1. All staff completing stage 1 (including support staff) as the centre to the vision of the organisation or school.

2. All frontline professionals complete stages 1-4. 

3. All staff including support staff complete the introduction to trauma informed culture day to wrestle with application in all organisational departments.

4. The SLT reflect on policies and enviromental design with Betsy as a consultant. 

This level leads to the opportunity to be licensed.  

Entry Level

One day training
Stage One

This is the beginning of exploring how a trauma recovery focused model can impact and influence all work to help children, young people and families recover from trauma. 

Practical application of the Four Stage

Training Model

The 4 stage training pathway is completed by all practitioners who work with children, young people and families. 

This is the intermediate level to adopt the model for practitioners. 

Partnership with BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model

1. All staff complete stage one
2. All front line staff complete stages 1-4
3. All staff complete Intro to Trauma Informed Culture Training day
4. SLT adapt policies & environmental design with Betsy as consultant

This level fully adopts the BdT Trauma Recovery Focused model into every aspect of the organisational culture. 


  • Certificate for display
  • Registration logo for display
  • Opportunity for continual support and training

You can proudly display the logo that expresses your partnership with the model as a sign of your commitment to a trauma recovery focused culture.  

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