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*Please note that these are the training dates that are available to book onto. All the training which Betsy delivers to organisations etc are not included on this diary as they are not open to the public.


Betsy's core and most popular training:

Introduction to working with traumatised children. Part 1 and 2. £110. 9.30am-4pm

For Bath and Oxford please email for a booking form:

For other cities please see eventbrite:

June 23rd 2017 Bath

October 3rd 2017 Nottingham

October 20th 2017 Oxford

November 10th 2017 Bath

November 14th 2017 Exeter

January 24th 2018 Poole

March 9th 2018 Bath

June 15th 2018 Bath


The Certificate of Therapeutic Mentoring is a 14 day course that runs each year in Bath in the HQ of the TRC. There are 15 places each year and we are taking applications for the fourth intake for 2017-18 now. If you interested please email for an application form. 


The Trauma Recovery Certificate is an 8 day course that will run for the second time in Didcot, Oxford. There is an option to add the additional 4 days to convert to a therapeutic mentoring certificate. 


The details of the content of these course are on this page! 

The Trauma Informed Training Pathway

(dates above)

Part 1 & 2 An Introduction to Trauma and Complex Trauma


Definition of trauma, trauma continuum, impact of trauma, threat response, prolonged threat response, behaviour as communication, hyper arousal and hypo arousal, dissociation, trauma symptoms of hyper vigilence, agitation, flashbacks, memory, PTSD.


Part 3 Strategies to help a child recover from trauma

Empathy, shame, listening, reflection, co –regulation, calming, emotional age, philosophy, emotional connection, length of time, recovery not management and a toolbox of self regulation activities.


Part 3c (clinicians only) Integration from dissociation

The journey of recovery to wholeness. Identifying the journey and the landmarks and tools
for the way.


Part 4&5 Trauma Informed practice including exploring depression and anxiety. 

Depression and anxiety symptoms, assessment tools, working with parents/carers, core approaches, whole staff approaches, power of relationship, the detail of words spoken and responses. Looking at frustrating behaviour and responses.



Other training dates in 2017

23rd June '17, Bath: 9:30-4pm - Betsy de Thierry. Working with children in trauma parts 1&2: An introduction to trauma and complex trauma. £110


29th June '17, Bath: 7-9:30pm - Betsy de Thierry. Working with children in trauma part 3: A toolbox of strategies for traumatised children. £70

8 Day Certificate in Trauma Recovery. Didcot. Oxford (individual days can be booked on) :

23rd September '17, Bath. Safeguarding essentials. 9.30am-4pm Liz Hall. Specialised police officer and trainer.

29th September '17, Oxford: 9:30-4pm - Betsy de Thierry. Key mentor skills and child development overview.*

30th September '17, Oxford: 9:30-1.30pm HALF DAY - Helen Jury. Listening skills; Engaging with children emotionally to see them recover and calm.*

13th October '17 Bath. Mentor skills to engage with vulnerable children and young people. 9.30-4pm Betsy de Thierry. 

14th October '17 Bath. Listening skills to help a traumatised child recover. Helen Jury. 9.30-4pm. 

20th October '17, Oxford: 9:30-4pm - Betsy de Thierry. Definition of trauma, trauma continuum, impact of trauma and trauma symptoms. Part 1 and 2 Trauma Intro course. *

21st October '17, Oxford: 9:30-1.30pm HALF DAY - Emma Reeves. Using art to help children. Using art and exploring the concept of subconsious, unconscious and here and now.*

10th November '17 Bath 9.30-4pm Betsy de Thierry.  Introduction to trauma, the trauma continuum, and exploration of trauma symptoms and complex trauma. Trauma part 1 and 2 

11th November '17 Bath. James McAllister. The neuroscience of empathy and attachment. 9.30-4pm 

17th November '17, Oxford: 9:30-4pm - Betsy de Thierry. Trauma 3&4. ABC: Approach, Brain and Communication strategies to enable self regulation in troubled children and young people. *

18th November '17, Oxford: 9:30-1.30pm  - Claire Tinker. Stress. Exploring secondary trauma, toxic stress and healthy living whilst working with traumatised families.*

12-13th January 2018. Jon Blend. Using the creative arts to enable trauma recovery. 9.30-4pm. The participant needs to attend both days. 

19th January '18, Oxford: 9:30-4pm - Jon Blend. Using clay and music to calm children and help them recover. Practical strategies for school use.*

20th January '18, Oxford: 9:30-1.30pm - Betsy de Thierry. Trauma 5&6. Exploring depression and anxiety and helping a child or young person. *

23rd February 2018 Bath :Betsy de Thierry. 9.30-4pm Helping children and young people with depression and anxiety. 

24th February 2018. Bath. Dr Renee marks. 9.30-4pm Understanding self harming in children and young people and how to help them recover. 

9th March 2018. Bath. Betsy de Thierry. Introduction to trauma and complex trauma.Part 1 and 2. 9.30-4pm. 

16th March 2018. Bath. Betsy de Thierry. Working with children in trauma part 3: A toolbox of strategies for traumatised children. £70

16th March 2018. Claire Tinker. Exploring stress and secondary trauma and healthy living when working with trauma. 1.30-4pm. £70


*Part of the 8 day Trauma Recovery Course for schools held in Oxford. The course costs £1000. If you would like to complete the Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring then an additional four days training is required which is an additional cost of £500. Those are listed below

23rd March 2018. Self Harming Behaviours and how to help
Betsy de Thierry. 9.30-4pm 

24th March 2018 9.30-1.30pm HALF DAY Child Protection for the DSO and traumatised child

Delivered by Liz Hall (Police trainer and safeguarding expert)

11th May 2018: The Neuroscience of Relationships. HALF DAY. 9.30-1.30pm
Devliered by James McAllister MA child and adolescent psychotherapist and trainer

12th May 2018: The body keeps the score. 9.30-4pm
Helping a child/youth recover from body memories and pain of trauma. Delivered by Betsy de Thierry 



SEPT '17 - April '18

Friday 22nd September '17, Bath - Betsy de Thierry, MA TRC Founding Director, Teacher and Psychotherapist. Introduction to the CTM, Child development and self awareness as central skills.


Saturday 23rd September '17, Bath - Liz Hall, Police Safeguarding Expert. The essential child protection training.

Friday 13th October '17, Bath - Betsy de Thierry, MA TRC Founding Director, Teacher and Psychotherapist. The key mentor skills for engaging with children and young people.

Saturday 14th October '17, Bath - Helen Jury, MA Art Psychotherapist and founder of the MA course in Newport. The impact of effective listening. Learning the foundational skills to support traumatised people.

Friday 10th November '17, Bath - Betsy de Thierry, MA TRC Founding Director, Teacher and Psychotherapist. The impact of trauma on a child; the trauma continuum and complex trauma responses.

Saturday 11th November '17, Bath - James McAllister, MA Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. The neuroscience of relationships and the power of empathy.

Friday 12th January - Saturday 13th January '18, Bath - Jon Blend, MA Adult and Child Psychotherapist MA and Gestalt Trainer, Clinical Supervisor, Expressive Arts Trainer, Community Musician. Using creative tools to facilitate recovery from trauma. Using clay, art, drama and music to raise self esteem and process feelings. (ONLY 5 ADDITIONAL PLACES FOR EXTERNAL STUDENTS) 

Friday 23rd February '18, Bath - Betsy de Thierry MA TRC Founding Director, Teacher and Psychotherapist. Understanding depression, anxiety and helping the traumatised recover.

Saturday 24th February '18, Bath - Understanding and recovering from self harming behaviours. Dr Renee Marks. Consultant Therapist and Director of National Centre for Child Trauma and Dissociation. 

Friday 16th March '18, Bath - Claire Tinker, MA TRC Operations Manager MA in health psychology. Exploring secondary trauma, toxic stress and healthy living whilst working with traumatised people.1.30-4pm HALF DAY

Friday 16th March '18 Bath. Betsy de Thierry. MA TRC Founding Director, Teacher and Psychotherapist. A toolbox of strategies to enable trauma recovery and self regulation. 9.30am-12.30 HALF DAY. 

Saturday 17th March '18, Bath - Emma Reeves, MA Art Psychotherapist and Lead Therapist at Bath TRC. Using art in groups to increase self esteem and confidence.


*Friday 27th April '18 , Bath- Betsy de Thierry with guest trainer. The boundaries, ethics and essential tools for a therapeutic mentor. 

*Saturday 28th April '18. Bath. Betsy de Thierry. The power of play and the toolbox finale.  



The cost of the course is £1,750 and many of the days can be attended individually at a cost of £110 each day.