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Testimonials & past training

Betsy DeThierry
Testimonials &           past training

Bespoke Training for Organisations: School Clusters, Therapy Teams, Behaviour Support etc. 

"Thank you Betsy so much for a great days training. I was really impressed with the quality of training you provided and really enjoyed how you presented this. You presented in a very understandable way and the information you gave us I will certainly retain and consider when completing work with my children and their parents. I hope one day to attend more of your training." (South Gloucestershire Social Workers - Children and Families team) 

Download detailed evaluations from school-based training sessions.

Training at the TRC on the Impact of Trauma:

Paediatricians, psychologists, psychotherapists, paediatric nurses, youth workers, adoptive parents, behaviour support workers, parenting support workers, staff from safe houses, IDVA'S, ISVA's, educational psychologists, CAMHS, teachers, teaching assistants, social workers, police. 

Training at the police- different teams, forces and regions:

Keynote talks: 

Betsy has delivered keynote talks for different conferences for teachers, therapists, virtual heads and other professionals on: 

The Impact of Trauma on a Child; The impact of trauma on a child's learning and behaviour at school; Teaching the child on the trauma continuum. 

Training for organisations, schools, therapy centres, residential schools, multi disciplinary teams ETC: 

Some of Betsy's Past Recent Training (2015-now): 

Dorset police HQ Police and social work conference 2015

Avon and Somerset Police HQ  PPUP police safeguarding champions 2015

Avon and Somerset Police HQSpecialist Child Abuse Investigators 2015-now

House of Lords Best Practice Forum IRCT  2015/16

Collyer Bristow Chambers, London with Paladin.2015

Wiltshire Collaborative schools, Trowbridge 2015/2016/2017

Rowde Primary School, All Cannings, Wansdyke School, Southbroom Infants, Southbroom St James Junior, Trinity school at Trowbridge Civic Centre. 2015

Child Protection conference. St Johns Chambers. London 2015

Police HQ Jersey 2015

Trowbridge Civic Centre (Rowde cluster) 2015

Oxford Virtual School Conference 2015/16/17

Kasper Foster Carer Conference, Kent  2015

Willowcroft Primary Academy Cluster, Didcot, Oxford 2015

Leamington Spa School Cluster 2015

Children’s Society London Trafficking Team 2016

Children’s Society London Trafficking, SEND, Asylum, Missing people teams 2017

Wiltshire Music Centre/ Bradford on Avon Schools cluster 2015

Oxford Virtual School Inclusion Conference 2015

Bure Park School, Bicester 2016

Meadowcroft PRU Oxford 2016/17

Keys Group (residential home) High Wycombe 2016

Aurora Counselling Centre N Ireland 2016

Guernsey Multi Agency Trauma Training 2016

N. Somerset Trauma Conference  (Bristol Zoo) 2016

Greenwich Virtual School Conference 2016

Cross Marsh Gifford Primary School2016/2017

Oxford Vulnerable Learners conference 2016

London Brake Charity 2016

Plymouth counselling centre Simply Counselling 2016

Derbyshire Virtual School conference 2016

Barnado's Oxford 2016

Wheatley Park school 2016/2017

Stadhampton primary School Cluster 2017

Warwickshire Flexible Learning Team 2017

West Haven School, Western Super Mare 2017

Gloucestershire Primary Trauma Day 2017

Bristol Grammar School 2017

Conference for Carers of Refugees S. Glos.2017

Chilton Primary School Cluster, Oxfordshire 2017

Young Minds UK Clinical Summit 2017 (one of 4 presenters) 

Northfield School, Oxford 2017

Children in Scotland Trauma Training 2017

Aldro Prep School 2017

Barley Hill Primary School, Oxfordshire 2017

Leicestershire Virtual School Conference 2017

Oxford Virtual School 2017 

Wiltshire Schools Collaborative 2017 

Young Minds Addressing Adversity Conference: Liverpool & Birmingham  2017

Northern House School, Oxford 2018

Highfield School, Wakefield 2018

Barley Hill Primary School, Thame, Oxford 2018

Oxford Head teachers Conference 2018 Keynote speaker and workshop speaker 

Oxford Safeguarding Conference 2018 on Neglect 

Liverpool (Kirkby collaborative of schools and Southern area collaborative) SEND conference 2018

Beech Green Primary School, Gloucester 2018

Oxford Virtual School Trauma Conference 2018 

Gloucester Educational Psychology Trauma Conference 2018

Oxford College of FE. Activate Learning. 2018

Fir Tree Junior School, Benson Primary, Woodcote Primary,St Michael’s Primary in Steventon, Carswell Primary. 2018

Abingdon Head Teachers 2018

A CPD for people attending a training day hosted by Aureus School, Didcot 2018

Children in Scotland, Glasgow 2018

Meena Centre for Refugees, Birmingham 2018

Oxford Academy, Oxford 2018 and 2019

Abingdon Partnership; Dry Sandford School, St Nicolas School, St Edmunds, Abbey Woods and other schools staff. 2019

Wood Farm School, Oxford. 2019

Suffolk Virtual School conference 2019

Gosford Hill School, Oxford 2019

Dunmore Primary School, Oxford. 2019

Oxford Spires, Oxford. 2019

Wiltshire Primary Heads Forum Keynote 2019

Youth in Mind Conference 2019

Northern House School, Oxford 2019

TRC National Conference, Bath. 2019

Cheney School, Oxford 2019

St Francis School, Oxford 2019

On Track Education, Westbury, Wiltshire 2019

St Blaise Primary and Dorchester School Oxford 2019