Betsy DeThierry


Betsy DeThierry


Betsy has pioneered projects to see children, young people and their families find restoration in the face of their difficulties, find support in the isolation of their struggles, and find care and love in the harshness of life.

Betsy first qualified as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and primary teacher in 1994 and has worked in these fields since that time.

BdT Ltd offers consultancy to organisations who are working with traumatised people and are needing extra specialised training or support on individual cases. 

Betsy also runs training across the UK continually- do look at the busy training calendar to see where you can catch her training although most of it is in 'closed' settings due to being booked by an organisation! 

Betsy has pioneered a course called the Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring which is a popular course equipping people to help others recover from trauma rather than manage the symptoms. This 14 course is offered in Bath and Oxford. 

The all new Therapeutic Mentoring Rooms are found in schools run by therapeutic mentors who have completed the training. These rooms offer professional, excellent work for traumatised children to recover in the special room which is clinically supervised by a trauma trained therapist who also writes treatment plans for the therapeutic mentors to carry out. This pioneering projects is helping children across the trauma continuum find healing. (There is a separate website about this project) 

Betsy is also involved in other organisations across the UK. She has pioneered the Trauma recovery Centre and is still the director of that which has its HQ in Bath but also has a centre in Bristol and is starting 2 other centres in September. 

She is a trustee of a number of organisations that work with trauma. She is a consultant with a number of agencies/ charities who are involved with trafficked people, refugees and those professionals who are stalked and she offers advice and assessment. 

BOOKS! She has written a popular book Teaching the Child on the Trauma continuum (2015: which you can buy here) and has a new small book designed to help everyone- even those who hate reading understand trauma: The Simple Guide to Understanding Trauma. What it is and what to do (2016). This is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers where she has another book called The Simple Guide To Sensitive boys: How to Nurture Children and Avoid Trauma. (2017) She has also written a chapter of a book called Emotional Development and Attachment in the classroom. Theory and Practice for students and Teachers (2017) and  aims to be a course book for those in teachers training. She has a book called The Simple Guide to Shame in Children: What it is and How to Help.(2018)


Betsy simply wants to see children, young people and adults who have been traumatised, hurt or misunderstood know hope, healing and have a positive future. She is also committed to doing what she can to support those working with the vulnerable and empowering them to enjoy life in the midst of the tough terrain of helping others. Betsy is energetic and enthusiastic about life and healing and holds onto the view that there is always a way and no one is beyond healing and hope.